Sarasota Guitar Lessons

I am offering guitar lessons in Sarasota and surrounding areas. For $30 per hour, I will come to your home and teach you how to master the guitar. You will learn the fundamental knowledge, and techniques that are essential to play any style of music.

I offer lessons for beginner and advanced guitar players. As a beginner, you will learn everything from how to properly hold, tune and strum your guitar, to the basics of chords, scales and most importantly, how to effectively practice. If you are an advanced player who is struggling, or wants to learn advanced techniques, such as sweep picking, economy picking and string skipping, you will learn how to properly execute and practice these techniques.

In addition to practicing exercises that will effectively improve your technique, it's fun and practical to mix your favorite songs into your practice routine. If you would like to learn to play a particular song, or even just a particular riff, I will learn it and teach you.

For more information, or to schedule a lesson, please email me at TaylorFishman@WickedGuitarTuner.com

Below are some brief guitar lessons to introduce guitarists to various techniques.